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Synthetic Essential Oils for Various Industries

Synthetic Essential Oils offer a variety of benefits. Synthetic Essential Oils are prepared instrumentally from plants and chemicals. They are made by different chemical formulation, and further converted into the oil form by different mechanical processes. They are paraben and phthalate free which makes them safe for use.

Advantages of Synthetic Essential Oils:

  • Synthetic essential oils come in a variety of scents. Want a scent of Hawaiian Breeze? You can get synthetic essential oils and get that heavenly scent. You can create your scent; this cannot happen with essential oil.

  • They contact artificial preservatives which are not harmful, but give a longer shelf life than any essential oil.

  • Synthetic Essential oil can offer the same texture and viscosity as an natural essential oil, they are not natural, but since their scent lasts longer and is easy to store, they are used more in certain industries.

  • They are relatively cheaper than pure essential oils.

Where are synthetic essential oils used?

Synthetic Essential Oils are used for a variety of purposes right from personal care to the food industry. Let’s dive into various uses of essential oils:

Synthetic Essential Oils in Personal Care.

Personal Care is one of the biggest segments of the beauty industry. Synthetic essential oil is artificially derived from aroma compounds, hence their fragrance is long-lasting and rich and used in many personal care products.

Even the biggest names in the personal care industry add synthetically essential oil to their products. Synthetic Essential oils are best used for creating long-lasting fragrances that are pleasing to the senses. They are used in toothpaste, cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry products and even in our cologne.

Use of Synthetic Oils in Soap Industry.

Besides the personal care industry, synthetic essential oils are also used in the soap industry. The synthetic essential oil, although having chemical compounds has a natural characteristic fragrance which can be pleasing and calming.

Many manufacturers use synthetic oils in their products to create a pleasing fragrance and also because they have antibacterial properties. Since, synthetic essential oils possess preservative properties they have a long-lasting life, which makes an excellent addition for soap making. Many synthetic essential oils such as cardamom, lemon, lavender, patchouli, cinnamon and many more are used for soap making.

Synthetic Essential Oils in Perfume Industry.

Perfumes are natural mood lifters. They offer the best of fragrances that is pleasing as well as calming. It is no surprise that the perfume industry is booming and along with it, is the use of synthetic essential oil Since Synthetic fragrance oil comes in a variety of flavours right from lemon to lavender to patchouli, they used in the perfume industry intensely. They stabilize a scent’s vitality to release a fragrance that is rich and can blend with other ingredients easily.

Incense Sticks Industry.

Incense Sticks are used all around the world for positive energy, as an insect repellent and even for aesthetic purposes. These Sticks are popular in various cultures like Indian and Japanese and have been burned since ages as a tradition.

Incense Sticks are generally made from plant materials and other synthetic essential oils. Synthetic essential oils have antibacterial properties and are blended easily, hence they are used in the incense sticks for eliminating any kind of bacteria. Also, the fragrance of essential is soothing and has a better shelf life.

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