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Why are Essential Oils Important?

History of Essential Oils

Essential oils in India have existed from the very beginning of our culture. They have been used from the era when there were no perfumes and no Attars (popularly known as Ittars in earlier times). That seemed a long time ago, but even today we utilize them in many forms which remain unnoticed thereby diverting our attention from exact names.

What are Essential Oils?

But the question here is “What are Essential Oils?” The essential oils have nothing to do with our needs, but here it means “the essence of” which refers to the essence of the plant’s fragrance. They are extracted from plants, mostly by the method of distillation. Various other processes used for extraction of essential oils are solvent extraction, absolute oil extraction, expression, cold pressing, sfumatura (also known as slow folding), and wax embedding.


Does Essential Oils Work?

The next question that comes to mind is “Do Essential Oils Work?”. This question can easily be proved by the fact that so many doctors nowadays advise us to use different kinds of organic essential oils. Today there are a variety of essentials for all kinds of medical treatments for example essential oils for skin, stress, anxiety, etc.. In fact the trend has increased to such as extent that many celebrities also prefer to use many different kinds of young living essential oils to keep in check their glow.

How to Use Essential Oils?

Another question that remains unanswered is “How to Use Essential Oils?”. One can use essential oils in many ways. A few of them are as mentioned below:

1) Direct Skin Massage

The organic essential oils can be used for skin massage. Since the direct contact may cause issues, but at the same time remain effective if used by mixing them in water with the help of solubles such as coconut oils or sweet almond oil. For example, you could use Carthamus tinctorius, geranium, or lavender essential oils for the purpose of skin massage which might help you relax.

2) Via Aromatherapy

Though we can use the organic essential oils in many ways, aromatherapy is one of the most popular methods opted by people. You could use rosemary, sandalwood, geranium, clove, etc. for the aromatherapy. It helps to reduce nausea, headaches, alopecia or hair loss and various other ailments.

3) In Bath Water

We all know that many people have very sensitive skins and in those cases it is always preferable to dilute different varieties of essential oil before use. In this case, the best example would be the cinnamon essential oils which, if applied directly on the skin or inhaled may cause harm to a person’s health, but if diluted with water and coconut oil will prove to be an advantage.

4) By Simple or Steam Inhalation

This method is most opted by the people who are more comfortable with inhaling different kinds of scents. Many people have a habit of sniffing cardamom seeds, in such as scenario the cardamom essential oils could be a blessing for such people as it only increases the convenience to intake the smell.