Treemoss (Pure and Natural)


From Evernia Furfuracae, treemoss concrete is extracted by hydrocarbon solvent extraction. By alcohol washing of Treemoss Concrete, an absolute is obtained which is more or less viscous and dark colored according to the solvent that was used in the first extraction of the moss. Benzene concrete gives an almost solid absolute, greenish-brown in color, while petroleum ether concrete yields a semi-solid mass or viscous liquid of dark brown color. The odor is woody, dry, forest-like or seaweed-like, herbaceous-green and of great tenacity. The yield of absolute from concrete is good, much higher than in the case of oakmoss. Accordingly, treemoss absolute is much cheaper than oakmoss absolute. However, there is a significant difference in odor characteristics, particularly in the absence of the powerful, yet delicate topnote which is found in true oakmoss. The trade offers countless types of treemoss absolutes and similar extracts, tinctures, concentrates, ultrasonic extracts, integral extracts, fractions, etc. Thus, it would be impossible to give more than a very general description of the odor and appearance of treemoss absolute.

Treemoss Absolute is used extensively in perfumery. In fact, this material has become one of the most important natural fixatives and odorants next to the essential oils. It is now produced on a very large scale in France, mainly from imported mosses. Germany, Hungary and other countries produce smaller amounts of trmmoss extracts. The admixture of treemoss to oakmoss occurs already at the point of harvesting, and it cannot always be considered an adulteration. Moss from the cork-oak (le chene-liege) is collected in the Atkssrnountain sin Morocco. It is not identical to the oakmoss from the “royal oak” (le chhe royal) in France. On the other hand, treemoss collected from firs, cedars and spruces is rarely mixed with true oakmoss. The treemoss products present the earthy-woody, dry forestnotcs and part of the leather-like notes of true oakmoss. But treemoss has little or no topnote, delicate freshness or elegance. By the addition of various amounts of oakmoss to treemoss, all grades of intermediate products and qualities are obtained.

An essential oil (Treemoss Oil) is obtained by molecular distillation of treemoss concrete. 

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