Orange Flower, Reconstitution, Absolute

Orange Flower (Reconstitution)


Orange Flower Absolute is produced in the south of France, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Haiti, Guinea, Comoro Islands, Algeria, Lebanon and, in small quantities, in China, Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, etc. France Italy and Tunisia hold first places in quantity. France and Tunisia lead in quality.


From petroleum ether extracted concrete of bitter orange flowers, an absolute is produced by alcohol extraction. This process is carried out mainly in France, but many large-scale consumers of orange flower absolute will prefer to produce their own absolute from imported concrete. The latter must be produced very near the plantation of bitter orange trees.

Orange Flower Absolute is a dark brown or dark orange colored, somewhat viscous liquid with a very intensely floral, heavy and rich, warm, but also delicate and fresh, long-lasting odor, closely resembling the odor of fresh bitter-orange blossoms. Although this absolute certainly has notes in common with jasmin absolute, it has a much more versatile application as a floral “fond” when used at a comparatively low concentration. It shows a pleasant, but peculiar and characteristic, sweet-herbaceous undertone, not unlike the one found in jasmin. Orange flower absolute is only slightly cheaper than jasmin absolute, and it may not always impart the same floral strength as jasmin at a similar concentration. But its great advantage is in its freshness which is quite surprising considering that it is an extract with great tenacity.


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