Litsea Cubeba Oil, perfume materials, Lemongrass Oil, Citronellol

Litsea Cubeba (Reconstitution)


Oil of Litsea Cubeba is a pale yellow, mobile oil of intensely lemon-like, fresh and sweet odor, with a soft and sweet-fruity, uniform dryout. There are few or no “fatty-grassy” methyl eptenone notes detectable. This is where the oil of litsea cubeba has a definite advantage over lemongrass oil. The citral contents of the two oils are almost equal. However, lemongrass oil has a superior  odor-tenacity due to its “heavy” sesqui - terpene-part, with a tone-out of sweet and moderately pleasant notes. Furthermore, the oil of Litsea Cubeba has also a pleasant taste. and a rectified oil could be used in flavor work as a modifier for lemon and lime flavors, and as a general freshener in fruit flavors. For use in perfumes, litsea cubeba oil could replace lemongrass oil to a certain degree, but the Chinese oil would probably find better use in artificial verbena type bases, colognes, household sprays, air fresheners, etc.

It blends well with all the citrus oils, petitgrain oils, rosemary oil, Iavandin, camphor sassafras oils, ocotea pretiosa oil, bois de rose oil, decyl alcohol, geraniol, citronellol, nerol and countless other natural and synthetic perfume materials. The oil has very little fixative power and needs clever blending and fixation for successful use in soap perfumes.

  • Litsea Cubeba - Reconstitution -

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