Hina (Perfumrey Base)


Hina is traditional Indian Perfume and is centuries old , the formulation or the method of production is very well kept and closely guarded. Handed over from generations.

The odour of Hina is spicy floral herbal mossy sweet.It is basically distillation of various Herbs , Spices , Florals , Musk , Amber over Sandalwood Oil.

Sandalwood Oil serves as a base and also works as a fixative. If a GCMS were to be done , Sandalwood Oil could make upto 95% and yet the overall odour has practically no smell of sandalwood.

In present times since the price and availability of sandalwood oil has become prohibitive , different material both natural and synthetic are being used. Sadly the most popuplar being DOP , a totally banned material.

In some cases also synthetic sandalwood molecules like ICCH , IBCH , SMC (KAO Corpn , Japan) are also being used.

Henna is known as a traditional Ayurveda medicine. It shows various health benefits such as hypoglycaemic and hypolipidemic activities, inhibits the tuberculosis bacteria, and useful in skin diseases.

According to Ayurveda , boiled aqueous extract of henna is effective remedy for the urinary stones. Moreover, henna extract prevents the liver damage occurred from exposure of carbon tetrachloride.

But the basic process of manufacturing still remains the same. Modernisation seems to have been totally overlooked.

BMV has developed this mystical ancient fragrance using modern techniques and based on mostly natural bases and absolutely NO DOP.

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