Clove Bud (Pure and Natural)


Clove Bud Absolute is produced from Clove Bud Concrete. The concrete is produced by hydrocarbon solvent extraction of the dried and comminuted flower-buds of Eugenia Caryophyllata Petroleum ether or gasoline is used in the extraction. Gasoline yields a superior concrete in respect to odor. The color and general appearance, too, varies according to the solvent used.

They are native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia and are commonly used as a spice. Cloves are commercially harvested primarily in Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Clove Bud Absolute is usually an olive-green, greenish brown or orange brown, viscous or oily liquid which may solidify at reduced temperatures to a semi-solid mass. The absolute is soluble in alcohol in all proportions. The odor of the absolute is not only a very close approach to the odor of the botanical material. It presents a floral and refined type of this fragrance, also resembling the balsamic, sour-sweet and immensely rich fragrance of clove flowers in full bloom.

Clove bud absolute is particularly useful in perfumes where the non-phenolic notes of cloves are wanted to impart a spicy, yet fresh-floral and intriguing note of great diffusive power. The absolute can be used with surprisingly good effects in many floral bases and it lends interesting twists to ylang-ylang, carnation, rose, cassie, narcissus and other floral perfume types.

Dr Baldev Gulati one of the founders of BMV was deputed in Pemba Clove Distillery (Tanzania) by UN for developing clove oil.

The odour of Clove Bud Absolute by BMV has a deep warm spicy floral odour and is a good low cost substitute for Carnation Absolute.

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