Bois De Rose (Perfumery Base)


Bois de Rose Oil is steam distilled, occasionally water-distilled, from the chipped wood of Aniba Rosaeodora and possibly other species of the genus Burseraceae belonging to the laurel family.

The tree is a tropical, medium-sized, wild-growing evergreen from the Amazon basin. The wood is collected in Brazil, Peru and in the French Guiana (“cayenne Rosewood”). In perfumery, the term Rosewood means only Bois de Rose of the above kind. The oil is used mainly as a starting material for the isolation of natural Linalool, of which the oil contains over 70%. The Iinalool in turn is converted into linalyl esters for many uses in perfumery and flavor work.

Bois de Rose Oil is a colorless or pale yellow liquid of a refreshing, sweet-woody, somewhat floral-spicy odor. The topnote varies considerably with the origin and quality of the oil. It is usually somewhat camphoraceous-peppery, reminiscent of cineole and nutmeg terpenes. Bois de Rose Oil is also used as such (cleaned and free from water) in soap perfumes where the strong topnotes can be utilized to advantage. The isolated Linalool finds very extensive use in perfumery, e.g. of the floral types: lilac, muguet, neroli, sweet pea, etc.

BMV Fragrances provides affordable Bois de Rose base and reconstitution for different applications.

Due to Government Regulations natural oil is not steadily available , however Bois de Rose by BMV can effectively replace the natural oil and is also a very interesting product for future creations. Its soft floral odour forms a very nice bridge between the top notes and floral middle notes.

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