Bakhoor (Perfumery Base)


In the Islamic history, all Prophets are known to have used Bakhoor, but Prophet Mohammad used Bakhoor regularly and more specifically on Fridays. "Bakhoor” is the Arabic name given to scented bricks or a blend of natural traditional ingredients, mainly woodchips (generally Agarwood) soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients like Resin, Musk, Ambergris, Sandalwood , flower oils and others. These scented chips are burned in charcoal burners to perfume the house and clothing with the fragrance rich smoke. This is used specifically on special occasions like weddings or on relaxing times and love occasions or generally just to perfume the house or store, and to boost positive energy. It is traditional in many Arab countries to pass Bakhoor among guests in Majlis as a gesture of hospitality. The Bakhoor is usually burned in a traditional incense burner known as Mabkhara using charcoal of wood or manufactured charcoal discs and briquettes. Bakhoor is known to bring about calmness in the nervous system, cultivates focus and alertness when used and, as some say, the positive effect it gives to one's libido system when used regularly. Bakhoor is indeed an aromatherapy, is not gender-specific and can be enjoyed by both sexes, though some females may prefer a blended version of Bakhoor due to the strong potent smell of the pure Oud Bakhoor. In the Middle East, men and women burn Bakhoor to fragrance their houses and also their clothes so that the lasting scent will permeate the whole garment. BMV has pursued a lot of research in the field of Bakhoors. BMV offers a wide range of Bakhoors, both for the middle east and India.

  • Amber Bakhoor - Perfumery Base -
  • Bakhoor Amber Rose - Perfumery Base -

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