Armoise, Armoise Reconstitution, essence d’Armoise, Armoise, Mugwort, Common Wormwood

Armoise (Reconstitution)


The artemisia plants seem to have originated in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Most of these species are found growing wild and abundantly all over the temperate and cold-temperate zones of the world. A very common weed in Central Europe, Southeastern Europe, India, China and Japan is the Artemisia Vulgaris. An essential oil is steam distilled from the dried herb in the South of France, in Morocco, Germany, Hungary, India, China and Japan. The French oil is known as “essence d’Armoise”

Artemisia, probably better known as armoise, mugwort and also by many here in the UK as common wormwood. The essential oil is pale yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity, and obtained by steam distilling the leaves which are completely dried out first. The aroma has real power, strength and long-lasting depth; sweet, herbal, bitter and davana boozy throughout.

Armoise NNO+ is a brilliant modifier and is created by a special approach and technology for creating reconstituted oils.

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