Aromatherapy Oils

Product Name : Tuberose NT

Botanical Name : Polianthes tuberosa

Country Origin : India


Tuberose NT is only of the most precious creation of BMV Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. It is the reconstitution of the Tuberose Absolute and has a heavy, white floral, creamy, oriental sweet extravagance about it. Tuberose NT is so lovingly floral warm, reminiscent to a champaka, fragrangipani and like an exotic gardenia. This composition dances with joyfulness. 

Fresh, sweet, floral.

Product Colour/Appearance:
Reddish brownish clear Liquid.

Production Method:
Mixture of essential oils and absolutes.

Suggested Usage:
0.1% in a solution

Blends Well With: Bergamot, clary sage, Patchouli, Yang,ylang, Lavender,rose,cedarwood, cinnamon, etc.

Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes.

Common Name Tuberose NT
Botanical Name Polianthes tuberosa
Category Aromatherapy Oils
Method of Production Mixture of Various Aromatic Chemicals, Essential Oils and Absolute.
Color and Appearance Reddish brownish clear Liquid.
Odor Fresh, sweet, floral.
Country of Origin / Production India
Main ingredients Benzyl Acetate , Methyl Salicylate , Methyl Anthranilate , Farnesol , Benzyl Salicylate.
Density 20 0 C 1.0273
Refractive Index 20 0 C 1.5165
Optical Rotation 2.862
Flash Point Not determined, estimated above 80 Degree C
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in oils & alcohol
Stability 24 months shelf life if stored properly
Storage To be kept in closed container, in a dark, fresh & dry place
Safety Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes.

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