Aromatherapy Oils

Product Name : Petitgrain Oil Paraguay

Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium

Country Origin : Paraguay

100% Pure & Natural

Petitgrain oil is produced from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium amara), a member of the Rutaceae plant family. It is mainly distilled by small farmers and delivered in small quantities to local traders (collectors), who then test, batch and resell the product to export houses. Harvesting and distillation is done between the months of October and March. The tree produces a distinctive 'double leaf', which has a small bulge at the base of the main leaf. Its fruit is used to flavour liqueurs, such as Grand Mariner and Triple sec, and its flowers provide neroli and orange blossom oils, It is also used widely in perfumery for its strong, bitter-sweet, citrusy odour with floral and woody notes. Derived from the bitter orange tree, Petitgrain oil has long been used in traditional health practices, for cleaning purposes, and for its various internal benefits.* Widely used in the perfume industry, Petitgrain oil offers a fresh, floral, and often herbaceous aroma that makes it unique and useful in a variety of settings. From promoting restful sleep to supporting healthy immune function, Petitgrain oil uses and benefits are certainly far reaching and effective.

Fresh, citrusy, strong, bitter sweet, woody floral.

Product Colour/Appearance:
Yellowish clear liquid.

Extraction Method:
Steam distillation

This crisp and clear essential oil is most useful to boost the conscious intellectual side of your mind, while calming anger and panic. Its relaxing properties help to calm the rapid heartbeat and insomnia while clearing greasy skin and fighting skin blemishes.

DIY (do it yourself):
1. Petitgrain essential oil works very well as a natural hair conditioner and can be used on its own or added to your normal shampoo or herbal shampoo for added antibacterial effect.
2. When you want a relaxing foot massage, dilute a few drops of Petitgrain oil with Coconut Oil before rubbing the combination on the bottoms of the feet. As you breathe in the calming scent of Petitgrain oil and massage the feet, you’ll feel relaxed in no time.

Blends Well With: Lemon, Lavander, Rosemary, Tangerine, Mandarin, Palmarosa, Grapefruit, Lime, Bergamot, Sweet Orange.

Petitgrain oil is, in general, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing and non-phototoxic.
Product Name Petitgrain Oil Paraguay
Botanical Name Citrus aurantium
Category Aromatherapy Oils
Method of Production Steam Distillation
Color and Appearance Yellowish clear liquid.
Odor Fresh, citrusy, strong, bitter sweet, woody floral.
Country of Origin / Production Paraguay
Main ingredients Linalool , Linalyl Acetate , Alpha Terpineol.
Density 20 0 C 0.8926
Refractive Index 20 0 C 1.4595
Optical Rotation (-)1.750
Flash Point Not determined, estimated above 80 Degree C
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in oils & alcohol
Stability 24 months shelf life if stored properly
Storage To be kept in closed container, in a dark, fresh & dry place
Safety Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes.

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