Spike Lavender Oil, Lavender Spike, Spike Oil, Spanish Spike Oil

Spike Lavadner (Reconstitution)


Spike lavender oil, also called Lavender Spike or just Spike Oil (Spanish spike oil) is known in France as Aspic. The oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the stout plant, Lavandula Latifolia which, together with true lavender, are the parents of the hybrid Lavandin. The spike or aspic plant grows wild in or around its homeland, the Mediterranean countries, particularly in Spain, France, Yugoslavia, Italy, and scattered in many places in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean countries and islands. Italian plantations in Ethiopia have not been very successful in that the oils produced were substantially different in composition. The main producer is Spain, with France following far behind in quantity, but producing an oil of more delicate odor. The Spanish oils are generaly produced by a water-and-steam distillation, while all French oils are steam distilled. It seems likely that Spanish plant material is collected with less respect to uniformity in botanical specimens than the French. Spike Lavender Oil is a pale yellow (most Spanish oils) to almost water-white (most French oils), mobile liquid of transitory camphoraceous (eucalyptus-like), fresh and herbaceous odor, reminiscent of lavandin and rosemary oi[s and with a somewhat dry-woody undertone.

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