Olibanum / Frankincense Serrata (Indian Frankincense Oil, Boswellia Serrata)


Frankincense Serrata

Olibanum also known as Frankincense, is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia, particularly Boswellia sacra, B. carteri, B. thurifera, B. frereana and B. bhaw-dajiana (Burseraceae). The English word is derived from Old French "franc encens" (i.e., high quality incense) and is used in incense and perfumes.There are four main species of Boswellia that produce true frankincense serrata and resin from each of the four is available in various grades. The grades depend on the time of harvesting. The resin is hand-sorted for quality. Frankincense serrata is mentioned in the Bible as one of the three gifts the wise men gave to the young child Jesus. Frankincense serrata is tapped from the scraggly but hardy trees by slashing the bark, which is called striping, and allowing the exuded resin to bleed out and harden.

Essential Oil of Frankincense Serrata

These hardened resins are called tears. There are several species and varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different type of resin. Differences in soil and climate create even more diversity of the resin, even within the same species. Boswellia Sacra trees are considered unusual for their ability to grow in environments so unforgiving that they sometimes grow out of solid rock. This growth prevents it from being ripped from the rock during violent storms that frequent this region.This feature is slight or absent in trees grown in rocky soil or gravel. The trees start producing resin when they are about eight to 10 years old.Olibanum is characterized by a balsamic-spicy, slightly lemon, fragrance of incense, with a conifer-like undertone. It is used in the perfume, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.The essential oil of frankincense serrata is produced by steam distillation of the tree resin.

Indian Frankincense Oil

The oil's chemical components are 75% monoterpenes ( mainly Alpha Thujene), sesquiterpenes, monoterpenoles, sesquiterpenols, and ketones. It has a good balsamic sweet fragrance, while the Indian frankincense oil has a very fresh smell. Steam or hydro distilled India frankincense oil does contain a number of boswellic acids (triterpenoids) which represents a method of validating the authenticity of the essential oil.

Boswellia Serrata

BMV is the only manufacturer making Pure & Natural Distilled Olibanum Oil and Olibanum Absolute (Ex boswellia serrata). It was BMV that introduced this oil, Boswellia serrata to the world way back in 1995 and now has become the largest processor of Indian Olibanum Gum, Boswellia serrata for Perfumery Purposes.The oil is highly terpenic , it is used in traces for a top note effect and helps Rose Accords to obtain a natural top note. But the largest use is for Burning as this is one of the best for this application.

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