Mukhallat in arabic means mix or mixture. Mukhallat is the latest trend in fine fragrances and slowly and steadily becoming a global trend. Mukhallats are famous in the middle east region comprising of heavy florals and woody essential oils. Basically, a mukhallat is a mixture of saffron, rose, sandal and oudh. Over the years, other essentials oils like jasmine have crawled their way in the formulations. Attars and hinas and shamamas have also been used to give the mukhallats a twist. One of the most important characteristic of a mukhallat is it's longevity. Mukhallats are made using heavy materials that lasts long on the skin. This is predominantly because of the middle eastern weather. Because of the higher temperature in that region, fragrances evaporate a lot quicker. So, it was imperative for mukhallats to last long to be successful. BMV over the years has been working meticulously and with dedication to create new types of mukhallats for the middle east. BMV offers a wide range of Mukhallats only for exports. There are various kinds of mukhallats that BMV offers. From traditional mukhallats with rosy sandally and saffronic tones to modern types which are a lot fresher.

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