Buchu Leaf Oil, Essential Oil, Buchu NNO+ Reconstitution

Buchu (Reconstitution)


This essential oil is steam distilled from the dried leaves of Barosma Betulina, a herb which grows wild and abundantly in South Africa. Tinctures, oleoresins and other extracts are produced for pharmaceutical purposes. Only a small fraction of the total amount of harvested buchu leaves are used for distillation of essential oil. Distillation takes place almost exclusively in Holland, England and the United States of America, rarely in the growing areas.

Buchu Leaf Oil is a yellow to brownish-yellow liquid, oily or somewhat viscous, depending upon the age of the oil and the dryness of the plant material prior to distillation. The odor is very peculiar: strong, bitter-sweet, minty-camphoraceous, rootlike, penetrating and somewhat medicinal, reminiscent of cough preparations. One of the main constituents of the oil is Diosphenol, a terpenoid phenol. It is responsible for the antiseptic effect of Buchu Leaf Oil. A significant percentage of menthone in the oil is probably the cause of the minty odor and somewhat cool flavor of the oil. Buchu leaf oil is occasionally used in chypre bases, certain types of colognes, etc. for its power, diffusion, and freshness.

Due to the shortage of the natural Buchu leaf oil, BMV has created Buchu NNO+. It is reconstitution created with our landmark technology of NNO+


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