Balsam Peru (Pure and Natural)


The Balsam of Peru, also known and marketed by many other names is balsam derived from a tree known as Myroxylon. The natural resinous balsam that comes from the trunk of the tree contains a mix of a number of substances that are generally related to cinnamon, vanilla, and clove fragrances and flavorings which is grown in Central America (primarily in El Salvador) and South America.

Balsam Peru Absolute blends exceedingly well with cinnamic alcohol, heliotropine, ionones, isoeugenol, Iinalool, musks, petitgrain oil, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, dimethyl phenylethyl carbinol, labdanum products, etc. in floral bases (honeysuckle, tuberose, Iongoza, etc.), Oriental bases, “powder” type perfumes and numerous types of sweet and heavy perfumes.
There are number of chemicals available in Balsam Peru like : alpha-muurolene, benzyl-benzoate, beta-elemene,alpha-copaene, alpha-curcumene, benzyl-cinnamate, benzyl-isoferulate, benzaldehyde, benzoic, benzoic-acids, cadalene, benzyl-ferulate, Alpha-bourbonene, beta-bourbonene, alpha-cadinene, alpha-calacorene, alpha-pinene, caryophyllene, benzyl-alcohol, calamenene. 

BMV has developed a unique product namely Balsam Peru Super Absolute , which is very light in colour and very delicate and soft in odour. Also Balsam Peru NNO a very true reconstitution of the oil.

  • Balsam Peru Absolute - 100% Pure & Natural -
  • Balsam Peru Super Absolute™ - 100% Pure & Natural -

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