Amyris (Reconstitution)


Earlier known as West Indian Sandalwood Oil, Amyris oil is obtained from the wood of the tree Amyris Balsamifera. The oil is removed through partial pressure steam distillation with no additives, solvents or chemicals used at any part of the process. Amyris Balsamifera grows in the northern parts of South America and in Central America and West Indies. The distillation of this oil mainly takes place in Haiti. Locally, amyris oil is also known as "Candle Wood" or "Bois Chandele" and famously known as West Indian Rosewood. Amyris Oil is a viscous liquid. Pale yellow to brownish yellow in colour. The oil has a slightly balsamic note and a peppery top note. Mainly the odor is faintly woody but not dry. The odor and the colour of the oil varies according to the age of the oil and the age of the wood for the distillation of the oil. In Perfumery, this oil finds extensive applications as a mild blender in numerous perfumes. It blends well with Ionones, methyl ionones, lavandin, oakmoss products, terpineol, citronella oils, amyl salicylate etc. Amyris works well in soap perfumes. Other than perfumery Amyris wood is considered excellent for furniture. Recently the region Haiti was hit by hurricane Mathew in which the region lost its crops and infrastructure. Therefore the distillation of the oil had a serious setback and the prices of the oil increased sharply. BMV Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. provides the substitutes for these oils with our reconstitutions.

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