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BMV FRAGRANCES PRIVATE LIMITED was established by Dr Baldev Gulati MSc (Hons) Ph.D in the year 1990.

Dr. Gulati started his career in the field of Essential Oils far back in the year 1952. Over a long period of 4 years (1956 – 1960) he surveyed the cultivation of aromatic plants and production of essential oils in India. This intrinsic work helps him to lay the foundation of a Five Year Plan for the development of fragrance industry. In 1963, Dr. Gulati established a Centre for R & D work on aromatic and medicinal plants in an area of 250 acres (100ha) near Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pant Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

His main objective is to work on large scale cultivation of many aromatic plants specifically Mentha Species, Ocimum Basilicum (Indian Basil) and to produce oils of the said aromatic plants that are emanated in their centre. As you know, the current position of India: It is the largest producer of Japanese Mint Oil and Indian Basil Oil in the world.
Between the period 1974 and 78, as a Scientist In-Charge of Drug Research Laboratory (Farms & Factories) in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, he worked on large scale (about 2500 acres) cultivation and processing of both aromatic and medicinal plants. Some new essential oils such as Artemisea vestata, Ferua Jaeshkeana, Juniper Leaf, Melissa officinales (Lemon Balm) etc. were developed at that time. 

Hops was another very important item developed on large scale. Thereafter he worked as a Chief Executive of Meghalaya Phytochemicals Ltd. for a few years.He also worked in the United Nations Development Programme as a Senior Consultant & Chief Technical Advisor on various projects of the specialized agencies of UNDP i.e. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Vienna), F A O (Rome) and I T C Unctad / Gatt (Geneva) for over a period of 13 years.

Dr. Gulati has expanded his perspective and inventiveness by working in various countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Iran, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya, Kuwait, Egypt and several parts of Europe.

He gathered 56 years of valuable experience in the sphere of cultivation, research and  development.

Equipped with vast and varied experience in the field of fragrances, he set up BMV Fragrances Pvt Ltd primarily to process natural plant products from locally available and imported materials; later on we are producing industrial perfumes, reconstituted essential oils, absolutes etc. under his guidance.He also gathered about 140 research and miscellaneous publications to his credit.

The Strength of the company lies in processing a large number of naturals and in using these naturals as the raw material for creating unique fragrances. We produce some of naturals especially for captive use.

Mr Mohit Gulati, the Perfumer Director, a Science graduate from Delhi University with distinction in Physics. He is working under the able guidance of Dr. Gulati and pursued immense research in the field of Perfumery. He has to his credit successful creations that are contributing substantially to the company's revenue. At present he is researching on Near Natural Reconstitutions and has launched successfully products like : Ambergris Maui , Rose NNO , Keora NNO. He is also a member of the distinguished " French Society of Perfumers ". 

BMV Fragrances Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, GMP, HALAL and HACCP certified company.

Most of our products are originated naturally. Products including Benzoin, Cardamom, Cistus, Clove, Carthamus, Indian Olibanum, Labdanum, Lavender Flowers, Liquorice, Mace, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Opoponax, Orris, Saffron, Styrax, Tree Moss etc.
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